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Your First AASM SleepTM Encounter

In today’s digital age, emerging technologies are redefining the way patients access and receive quality healthcare from their trusted medical professionals. Telemedicine – which is loosely defined as electronically transmitting medical information from one site to another – is one of the latest advancements in medical care which is reinventing how patients receive treatment for medical conditions and diseases from now and into the future.

AASM SleepTM – a secure, easy-to-use telemedicine platform – allows your patients to receive specialized medicine from a distance, saving time and travel costs without sacrificing quality.

This user guide-- which you may distribute to your patients before their encounter-- will assist your patients as they:

• Register their individualized AASM SleepTM account;
• Enter their biographical information and medical history;
• Use AASM SleepTM to meet with their healthcare professional through a secure online encounter.


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